Advice Box

Part I

  • I wonder if I'll ever find a partner who understands I don't mean any harm when I flirt with others. Does someone like that really exist?
    • You're bound to meet someone open-minded someday.
    • That's a dream that will never come true.
    • Have you considered giving up on flirting?
  • I'm hesitant to invite a girl to my room in the middle of the night with You Know Who living right next door. I'm terrified of the scolding I'd get the next day.
    • Maybe I'll rethink the room assignments.
    • It makes sense that she would be angry with you.
    • Perhaps it's time you and I discussed your behavior.

Part II

  • I'm weary from this ceaseless fighting. I wonder if I'll ever meet a kind, beautiful young lady who can cure my hardened heart.
    • You will one day. I'm sure of it.
    • Save the dreams for when you're sleeping.
    • A woman like that wouldn't go for you.
  • All we do is battle. The fighting never stops, and it's turning everyone's disposition dour. Even the ladies! We should throw a banquet to lift everyone's spirit.
    • Good idea. I'll see what I can do.
    • It's too soon to let down our guard.
    • How selfless of you.