Advice Box

Part I

  • I usually enjoy sweets, but the traditional cakes from Enbarr are a bit much for my taste. How could those have possibly become a traditional dessert?
    • Who cares? Traditions are meant to be broken.
    • The sweet smell draws people in.
    • The flavor reminds people of the old days.
  • You can always put on more clothing when it's cold, but you can only remove so many layers in the heat. How does one survive a hot summer?
    • Focus on reading to occupy your mind.
    • Take a refreshing dip in a cool watering hole.
    • Spend your days underground, away from the sun.

Part II

  • I understand the risk of fighting on the front lines, but I simply must be out there to lead my troops. Is there some way I could reduce the danger?
    • It's said that the best defense is a good offense.
    • Wear thicker armor.
    • Hire more guards.
  • People used to believe the goddess once fell here from the Blue Sea Star, but according to astronomical research, the light from that star takes millions of years to reach us.
    • Lies about the goddess abound.
    • Millions of years? That can't be true.
    • The goddess truly works in mysterious ways.