Advice Box

Part I

  • I often overhear people commenting about how strange I am. I don't really get it. Shouldn't it be expected that everyone has their own unique perspective on life?
    • Just follow your own path and don't worry about them.
    • Dwelling on what they say won't help. You must act.
    • True, but perhaps your perspective really is strange.
  • I see it all the time. Someone falls for a scheme and then gets angry about it. But rather than being mad at the schemer, shouldn't they be busy plotting their revenge?
    • Sounds like the logic of a schemer.
    • That all depends on the context of the scheme.
    • Definitely. That's just the price of foolishness.

Part II

  • How can I create a world where everyone is on equal footing, regardless of their place of birth, their bloodline, or whether they have a Crest?
    • Lead by example, and show the world what it's capable of.
    • Follow an overwhelmingly charismatic leader.
    • The only way is to raze the world and rebuild.
  • If there were three villages with no watering holes, and one well was dug along the border between the villages, what do you think would become of the people there?
    • A war would likely start over dominion of the well.
    • They would convene and discuss how to share the well.
    • They'd dispense with the border and become one village.