She's Count Varley's only daughter. I suppose you could say she's a bit eccentric, but she seems like a gentle soul. I believe she's shut herself away in her quarters and doesn't care to leave, but...don't worry. I'll make sure she finds her way to class.

Adrestian Empire






150 cm, 165 cm


12/12 (Ethereal Moon)


Minor Crest of Indech
They say Saint Indech bore this Minor Crest. A symbol of wisdom and water. Occasionally allows weapon attacks to strike twice.

  • Knitting and embroidery
  • Writing and illustrating novels


Reading, drawing, music, embroidery, unusual creatures, stuffed animals, solitude


Speaking to people, imposing figures, overbearing fathers

Path-Specific Titles

Silver Snow

Former heir to House Varley

Azure Moon

Former heir to House Varley

Verdant Wind

Former heir to House Varley

Personal History

Part I

Year Details
1162 Born the eldest daughter of Count Varley's son.
1180 Becomes enrolled at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach.

Part II (Not Crimson Flower)

Year Details
1181 Returns to her territory and goes into seclusion.
1185 Escapes the territory alone.
Remembers the promise made five years ago and returns to Garreg Mach.

Part II (Crimson Flower)

Year Details
1181 Becomes involved in the Imperial army as a general.
1185 Reassigned to Garreg Mach when the Black Eagle Strike Force is formed.