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  • Following the death of Rodrigue, Dimitri begins to question his desire for revenge. His troubled mind turns to the Kingdom capital and how he might end the chaos plaguing Faerghus, once and for all.



  • Despite their victory at the Battle of Gronder, the Kingdom army turns around and marches for Fhirdiad instead of heading south.

    To hail the arrival of the Kingdom army, the people of Fhirdiad begin to rebel. No move is made to suppress them. Instead, Cornelia directs her borrowed Imperial troops to prevent Dimitri from reaching the Kingdom capital.

  • De retour dans sa patrie

Combat - La reconquête de Fhirdiad

Le choc de la mort de Rodrigue aide Dimitri à y voir plus clair. Pour sauver les vivants, il décide de mettre de côté ses projets d'invasion de l'Empire et mène son armée vers ses sujets... Vers Fhirdiad.