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  • The Kingdom army has reclaimed the Kingdom capital and plans to immediately begin restoring the country and its forces. But an unexpected request arrives from Claude, leader of the Leicester Alliance.

    Dimitri promptly responds to the request for aid, and he rushes to prepare the Kingdom's forces.



  • Having allowed the Imperial army to invade, the Alliance army makes their last stand at the center of House Riegan territory in Derdriu. The Kingdom army rushes to their aid after amassing more troops.

  • 救援

BATTLE - 迪亚朵拉救援战

成功夺回王都的帝弥托利等人收到同盟盟主 库罗德的援助请求。即将崩溃的同盟领,为 拯救其中心都市迪亚朵拉,一行人率领着援 军全速前进。