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  • It is Imperial Year 1185. Nearly five years have passed since the fall of the monastery at Garreg Mach, and war continues to plague the lands of Fódlan.

    Fhirdiad has been captured. The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is in shambles. The Leicester Alliance is on the verge of collapse, fractured by two opposing factions—those who support the Adrestian Empire and its ruler, and those who seek her demise.

    Meanwhile, under Emperor Edelgard's rule of law, the Adrestian Empire continues to expand its reach. The path to a new Fódlan, unified by Imperial strength, may yet be in sight.

  • 復活
  • 如銀雪般的思念
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    ……너희의 목을 모조리 비틀어,
    죽은 자들에게 바치겠다
    술 대신 피를 뒤집어쓰다니,
    어처구니없는 동창회가 다 있군
    정말이지, 그리운 얼굴들이네
    모조리 죽여 주마……!
    이 전투로……
  • 戰亂的餘波



  • In the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, Imperial loyalist Cornelia has subdued all regions of the former royal house of Blaiddyd to prevent further revolt.

    Prince Dimitri has been sentenced. Now, the backbone of the former Kingdom—Houses Gautier and Fraldarius—struggle to continue the resistance.

    Cornelia—operating out of the royal palace—has accepted the support of the Empire to build an army and plots to wipe out all remaining Kingdom forces.

    In the Leicester Alliance, House Riegan leads an anti-Imperial faction, while House Gloucester directs the Empire's supporters.

    Despite the undeniable threat of fracture, the Alliance's adept new leader, Claude, deftly maintains the outward appearance of a unified front.

    In Enbarr, the Imperial Capital of the Adrestian Empire, Emperor Edelgard fights to strengthen her regime.

    She has extended her reach to the Kingdom by inciting a coup and continues to draw its former lords under her influence in pursuit of controlling all of western Fódlan.

    In the meantime, the Knights of Seiros have been dispatched to find Archbishop Rhea, who remains missing despite their searching. Left unattended, the monastery at Garreg Mach has fallen to ruin... and become a haven for thieves.

BATTLE - 黎明追討戰

自加爾古‧瑪庫之戰已過了五年。 傳聞加爾古‧瑪庫的城鎮荒廢不堪, 甚至成為了山賊的巢穴。為了人民, 認為不能放任現狀不顧的兩人決定踏入城鎮。