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  • The northern lands are enveloped in a bitter cold, and frigid winds are carried across the sea to the south of Adrestia.

    When feather-white snow falls on Fódlan's Locket, the fort looks as delicate as a pearl. However, beneath that snowy blanket, her Throat is more treacherous than ever.



BATTLE - 聖墓之戰

為得到女神的啟示,一行人決定前往聖墓。 在那位於加爾古‧瑪庫地底深處,只有 極少數人才知道的地方,他們目睹了 出乎意料的真相。

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검은 이리도 쉽게 섞을 수 있는데……
우리의 길은 섞일 수 없어
안녕, 선생님
다음에 만날 때는
누군가의 길이 끊어질 때일 거야