Ingrid is Count Galatea's daughter. She is also a childhood friend of Felix, Sylvain, and myself. She is diligent, industrious, and principled. In truth, she is more knightly than most knights you will ever meet.

Holy Kingdom of Faerghus






165 cm, 165 cm


1/4 (Guardian Moon)


Minor Crest of Daphnel
House Daphnel and House Galatea's Minor Crest, inherited from Daphnel of the 10 Elites. Sometimes raises Mt when using combat arts.

  • Reading
  • Eating


Food samples, meaty meals, looking after horses, tales of chivalry, virtuous knights


Extravagance, hunger, the people of Duscur

Path-Specific Titles

Silver Snow

Former heir to House Galatea

Verdant Wind

Former heir to House Galatea

Crimson Flower

Former heir to House Galatea

Personal History

Part I

Year Details
1162 Born the eldest daughter of Count Galatea.
Becomes engaged to Glenn, the son of Duke Fraldarius.
1176 Loses her fiancé in the Tragedy of Duscur.
1180 Enrolls at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach.

Part II (Not Crimson Flower)

Year Details
1181 Goes back to her home territory and helps her father with official business.
1185 Remembers the promise made five years ago and returns to Garreg Mach.

Part II (Crimson Flower)

Year Details
1181 Absconds from House Galatea.
Becomes involved in the Imperial army as a general.
1185 Reassigned to Garreg Mach when the Black Eagle Strike Force is formed.