Advice Box

Part I

  • I try to hold back when swinging a weapon, but sometimes I misjudge my own strength. I've broken so many weapons this way. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?
    • Take care to repair weapons between training sessions.
    • Use the sturdiest weapons money can buy.
    • Accidents happen. Just find a new one when yours breaks.
  • I have always despised the heat, even as a child. Still, one must be prepared to fight anywhere, no matter the conditions. Have you any advice for enduring the heat?
    • Look for clothing and armor that breathe better.
    • Heat is a natural part of life, so learn to enjoy it.
    • Fight it off using magic.

Part II

  • Perhaps it is because I'm operating with half of my normal vision now, but doing desk work strains my eye terribly. How can I best maintain efficiency like this?
    • Have someone acquire eye drops for you.
    • Overcome the strain with pure willpower.
    • Be good to your body and take a break.
  • I lived in the slums for a long time, and I saw how the people there suffered from poverty and the ravages of war. There must be something I can do to save them.
    • Strive to change F√≥dlan from the ground up.
    • There are some problems that just can't be solved.
    • Donate a large sum of money to the church.