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  • Claiming the monastery at Garreg Mach as its home base, the Alliance army joins forces with the Knights of Seiros. Together, they begin to take up arms against the Adrestian Empire.



  • Though plans to resist the Empire are still being devised by the Alliance army, the Imperial army has already anticipated their next move.

    An Imperial vanguard, just outside Garreg Mach, led by General Randolph, begins to advance with the aim of toppling the monastery once again.

BATTLE - 加爾古‧瑪庫圍城戰

學級眾人將五年前的約定銘記於心,再次聚集 於大修道院。加上騎士團的歸來,眾人都為 重逢而歡欣。然而突如其來的敵軍來襲通知, 結束了這短暫的敘舊時光。